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We may not grow everything you need, but our team can definitely source it for you. So, you can continue doing what you love!

Green flow Nurseries is an independently owned affiliated company of Peels Nurseries Ltd and was established in 2018. Gaurav (Gavin) Sharma started this nursery after understanding clients needs carefully and how to properly fulfill them. Over the time, Gavin realized after working with wholesale Nursery that retail customers are always left out. As a result, they are practically left with no option other than going to the Garden center, which sometimes can turn, into a costly visit. However, this is where green flow nurseries can fill this gap between small retail customers and nurseries, where they can actually come to a wholesale nursery and shop just as they would in a retail store. Whereas, Peels Nurseries will continue to serve the wholesale industry.

Q: 1.) Who is Green Flow Nurseries Ltd. and what is the relation with Peels Nurseries ltd.?

Green flow Nurseries is an independently owned affiliated with Peels Nurseries Ltd. It is not related to Peels Nurseries. However, it does share the land with Peels Nurseries for propagation, container-grown pots, and customer pick-ups.

Q: 2.) If both Nurseries shares the same land then why not just Peels Nurseries Ltd?

Peels Nurseries Ltd has been serving the wholesale client for more than quarter the century. Besides, the main focus at Peel's nurseries is growing BC Native plants. Whereas, Green flow nurseries focus on retail customers, landscapers, and small developers. Due to the growing and specific demands from retail customers, landscapers and small developers Peels Nurseries couldn’t keep up with them. After realising this situation, Gaurav (Gavin) Sharma started this Green Flow Nurseries to fill that missing gap.

Q: 3.) How small or big order we can place with Green Flow Nurseries.?

Here is the beauty of Green Flow Nurseries as there is no limitation for small or big orders.

Q: 4.) Does Green Flow Nurseries supply plants from clean plant certified only?

Yes, we only supply plants from clean plant certified nurseries. Sometimes, we may have to source plants from other nurseries, and our team always verifies that all the plants are coming from Clean plant Nurseries.

Q: 5.) What is your return plant policy?

We always work with our customers, and the bottom line is if you not satisfied with our plant then please contact us as soon as possible, and we will find the best solution for you.

Q: 6.) Do you also do landscaping, Sod installations, and Pavements jobs?

We have professional third-party contractors who can complete these specific jobs for you. We strive to maintain our primary goal, which is supplying you with high-quality plants but at the same time, we will take the extra weight off your shoulders by arranging everything for you under one umbrella.

Our Expert Team

Gaurav (Gavin) Sharma


Cell: 604-217-2992
E-mail: info@greenflownurseries.com

Savreen Sidhu

Sales/Office administrator

E-mail: info@greenflownurseries.com

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