Freight & Delivery

At Green Flow Nurseries we like to keep things very simple. So, we have flat rates for Fraser Valley, Metro Vancouver, and Island deliveries. We do our best to combine multiple orders to lower delivery charges so you can have peace of mind. Believe us when we say that we will deliver your order to your requested location, at a much cheaper cost than picking you having to pick it up from our yard.

Flat delivery Rates as follow:

Fraser Valley —–Flat fee of $35 each pick-up or 5-ton truckload.  (Delivery Monday’s & Friday’s only)

Metro Vancouver —Flat fee of $55 each pick-up or 5-ton truckload. (Delivery Tuesday’s & Thursday’s only)

West & North Vancouver —-Flat fee of $65 each pick-up or 5-ton truckload. (Delivery Wednesday’s only)

Islands (Campbell Rivers, Nanaimo, Victoria) ———-Flat fee of $85 per standard pallet-less than 500lbs / $350 for Pick-up truckload delivery / $500 for 5-ton truckload delivery. (Delivery upon request)

For full container truckloads (53’) and small parcel deliveries, please contact us for quotes.

There is not a minimum order to qualify for the deliveries!!!

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